Concentrator covers an area 255 metres long and 144 metres wide. The Concentrator was commissioned on 27 December 2012, produced its first copper concentrate on 1 February 2013, and commenced shipments to customers on 9 July 2013.

The Concentrator has the capacity to process up to 100,000 tons of ore per day. The ore extracted from the mine is transported by dump truck and crushed in the primary Crusher. The crushed ore is transported by Belt conveyor and stored in the crushed Ore Storage Facility. A dust suppression sprinkler system is located on the ore unloading hopper and conveyor lines.   

The OT Concentrator has a traditional ore  grinding circuit such as SAG Mill - Ball Mill - Pebble Crusher (SABC).

SAG mills which are the primary grinding circuit, grind the crushed ore, the SAG mill’s overflow is fed the Ball mill, 10 to 20% of the mill feed is fed the Pebble Crusher; and the Concentrator grinding circuit operates in a closed cycle.

SAG mill slurry is pumped and is grounded in parallel Ball mills and classified through Hydro-cyclones. The Hydro-cyclone slurry (density is 33%, P80 = 140 μm) is pumped into the Flotation circuit.

 Flotation circuit consists from following operations:

  • Rougher Flotation;
  • Scavenger Flotation
  • Regrinding; and
  • Cleaner Flotation.

Rougher Flotation’s tailings are thickened and are deposited into the Tailings Storage Facility.

The Concentrator, at OT site, recycles over 87% of processing water consumption.

The concentrate processed through the Flotation process is dewatered, filtered, stored in the Concentrate yard and is exported. The final product, the concentrate, contains 21-30% copper, as well as small amounts of gold and other metals.