Oyu Tolgoi announces 2016-17 winners of scholarship programme

The 2016-17 scholarships build on a programme between Mongolia’s Ministry of Education and Oyu Tolgoi to award 200 domestic scholarships and 30 international scholarships between 2010 and 2015.

The event was attended by new scholarship awardees, former recipients, students’ families, M. Munkhbaatar, Head of Policy Implementation Coordination Department – Ministry of Education, Culture, Science and Sport, representatives of the ministries, and members of the Oyu Tolgoi team, including, Michael Gavin, General Manager – People and Organization and Orgil Luvsantseren, General Manager – External affairs and Communications.

Addressing the audience, M.Munkhbaatar, Head of Policy Implementation and Coordination Department – Ministry of Education, Culture, Science and Sport, said, “At the heart of development of any nation, lie people. Oyu Tolgoi has been focusing on this specific area since its first day of establishment. I’d like to thank Oyu Tolgoi for its continuous cooperation with the Ministry and ongoing support to prepare future skills in mining and other fields.”

Speaking at the event, Michael Gavin, General Manager – People and Organization, said, “At Oyu Tolgoi, we believe investing in developing Mongolian talent is the best way to realise our vision to create enduring value, knowledge and skill from natural resource. This is a crucial part of our efforts to develop the future leaders who will lead the mining industry in Mongolia, and the world over.” Following the event he stated that “the quality of the students that were awarded a scholarship today is a clear indication of the benefits of hard work supported by a fair and transparent process for selection.”

The 20 recipients for the 2016-17 domestic scholarships come from across the leading educational institutions of Mongolia, with 11 students from Mongolian University of Science and Technology, four from the National University of Mongolia, and five from other universities.

The 2016-17 scholarships represent a continuation of the programme after the completion of the five-year MoU between the Ministry of Education and Oyu Tolgoi. The domestic scholarships are poised to continue – helping develop the next generation of Mongolia’s talent in mining and related fields, laying the foundation for future excellence. Between 2010 and 2015, Oyu Tolgoi has invested approximately US$126mn for the implementation of 5-year master plan.

The scholarships will cover tuition fees, monthly allowances, dormitory fees, and with support from Oyu Tolgoi on internship opportunities, as well as access to the Oyu Tolgoi-funded Youth Development Programme.

In addition, Oyu Tolgoi funded Gobi Oyu Development Fund will announce the winners of South Gobi focused Gobi Oyu Scholarship this Friday.

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