Name Position E-mail address 
1 B.Munkhbaatar CEO
2 R.Munkhbat General Counsel
3 G.Munkhtur General Accountant
4 Ts.Munkh-Oyunbaatar Chief of Legal and Administration Department
5 Ts.Altankhuyag Chief of Finance and Analysis Department
6 L.Unurbaatar Chief of Mining, Technology Department
7 B.Zul Senior Financial Analyst
8 G.Enkhzul Financial Analyst
9 B.Bilguun Infrastructure, Transportation, Land Specialist
10 E.Anar-Erdene Power Supply, Environment and Safety Specialist
11 D.Enkhzaya Geology and Mining specialist
12 Kh.Mandukhai Public Relations and Media Specialist
13 B.Usukhbayar Communities Specialist
14 Ts.Bayasgalan Contracts Legal Specialist
15 Ts.Oyun-Erdene Executive assistant and manager in charge of archives and documents
16 T.Oyun-Erdene Service Manager